carmasec is a boutique advisory and consulting company founded 2018 in Germany. We provide thought leadership and guidance in the field of
cybersecurity management.

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Gruppenbild der carmasec-Geschäftsführer Timm Börgers, Carsten Marmulla, Jan Sudmeyer, Geschägft

About us:

We are focussed on providing solutions and services in the field of security automation, agile security methods and DevSecOps. As a trusted advisor we provide professional guidance and thought leadership in the field of governance, risk management and compliance for information technology, information security management, cybersecurity and data privacy protection to our national and international clients.

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Our expertise:

As subject matter experts within the named competence areas, our professional team has over 30 year of knowledge and managed over 100 projects. We provided our expertise and knowledge to several large and medium sized enterprises in Europe within the branches telecommunication, logistics, financial services, healthcare and more.

We’re your partner for securing your digital transformation, protecting your IT infrastructure against cyber attacks, managing your secure transition to cloud services, covering regulatory risks (e.g. GDPR) and providing guidance in the field of protecting data privacy and keeping compliance in smart data analytics.

Our Management Team:

Hintergrund Gitternetz

Our services cover:

We provide professional advisory & consulting services to our clients, e.g. in these topics.

Icon Portfolioelement Security Automation

Information Security Management

Thought leadership on managing infosec and implementing best practises.

Icon Portfolioelement Agile Security

Agile Security

Adapting security management to the agile software development lifecycle (Secure SDLC).

Cyber-Resilienz: Widerstandsfähigkeit

Cyber Resilience

Holistic concept to increase the ability to act, resilience and restore.

Icon Portfolioelement Governance, Risk, Compliance

Governance, Risk, Compliance

Advisory and consultancy on GRC processes and adjusting them to our customers needs.

Icon Portfolioelement DevSecops


Seemless integration of security tests into the DevOps toolchain and supporting CI/CD processes.

Icon Portfolioelement Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity

Professional assistance to keep your business running even in cases of cybersecurity incidents.

Icon Portfolioelement Data Privacy Protection

Data Privacy Protection

Helping our customers to keep compliant to data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR).

Icon Portfolioelement Security Automation

Security Automation

Automating security management and auditing to keep up with current agile development processes.

Icon Portfolioelement Security Research

Security Research

Providing latest knowledge on attack methods and defining counter-measures.

There are only two types of companies: those, that have been hacked, and those, that don’t know they have been hacked.

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Hintergrund Gitternetz
Gruppenbild der carmasec-Geschäftsführer Timm Börgers, Carsten Marmulla, Jan Sudmeyer, Geschägft

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